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SCII is a social innovation movement that focuses on breaking down Silos and establishing an Opens and Commons based Aggregation Platform where different stakeholders - individuals, organizations, businesses, institutions and ground-up groups, based on common interests and goals - can collaborate, reduce efforts and Create Shared Value together.

The initiative strives to establish Place-Making activities and tie ups via the creation of Phygital Hubs driving multiple Centers of Excellence; encourage participation in industry Circles; coordinate and running joint Outreach Campaigns and working on Projects as a consortium and forming Joint Ventures.

Our Hubs

SCII Hubs gather stakeholders and institutions to establish social innovation, incubation, training and learning centers that maximize social impact in different countries.

Our Circles

Circles are where individuals, organizations, businesses, and institutions break from their silos and work together to solve wicked problems in society. 

Our Campaigns

Campaigns consolidate human capital, resources, ideas and goals to design solutions that drive measurable social impact 

Our Projects

Projects have proof-of concepts and are ready to be implemented by stakeholders in driving social innovation, in both small and large scales.